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Quick Stop at Goodwill


We went shopping to Ross and bought a pair of shirt and some few stuff for Jake. He needed more clothes for school to wear. There are tons of amazing wardrobe at rose but not of them that i like fit on me. I was looking for shorts or jeans because most of my shorts and jeans won’t fit on me anymore. I gain like over 15 lbs this summer. Then I made a quick stop at Goodwill. This is the biggest Goodwill store in mc knight road. My first time being in that store. Some people would say they don’t shop in Goodwill because it’s mostly used stuff from different people. Well, that is not true because I found lots of brand new stuff in this goodwill donated by the some clothing store i would guess. Anyway, i found a couple of short for $3 in goodwill. I am not so picky as long as it fits and look comfortable on me. I’m thinking of going back to that place again and buy some more stuff like bag, shoes, short and jeans.

Minor Home Repair


Knowing how to do minor repairs around the house can help you save a lot of money because you don’t have to hire someone to do the job for you. There are a number of sources available that can provide you the information need on how to make minor repairs such as how to fix the leak on your pipes or how to repair your roof. You have to invest in your own tools and replaceable parts such as screws and other tooling components. That way, whenever something needs to be fixed or when a part needs to be replaced, you will have everything that you need on your toolbox. Even kids knows how to put screw if you teach them. If you think that the damages isn’t that minor then it’s time to call a repair man.

Join Arctic Zero Giveaway


Arctic Zero is giving away 8 pints of ice creams with different flavors, 2 boxes of bars, 1 box of mixed vanilla/chocolate and 1 box of mixed strawberry/orange cream to one lucky winner for US only. I will also giveaway a pair of bracelet & earring and a bracelet alone for worldwide winners.

This giveaway will start September 7 until September 30. To enter the giveaway you just fill up the rafflecopter below. The mechanics of the giveaway is very simple just follow the FB pages, twitter, tweet, and leave a comment. Good luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Soothing Decoration


We never run out of ideas when it comes to decorating our home. Every now and then we like adding new decorative and aesthetic item to adorn our house. We put something that is unique and add it to our collection. Well, some indoor water fountains would perfectly catches your visitors attention. Not only it’s unique but it is soothing as well. It’s like bringing nature inside your home in a unique kind of way. If you are looking for indoor fountain then check out the link provided and find the right styles, sizes, and themes that is suitable to complement the look of your home. They have varieties of quality indoor fountains that you find.

Stylish Briefcases for Professionals


Aside from laptops, professionals carry with them a lot valuable documents and files. Those who are always on the go need to have the proper carrying case that will allow them to store their valuables properly while they go to different places to meet with clients. They can buy quality leather briefcases at if they want to be able to carry around important files, documents and other important tools they need. Having the proper briefcase also creates a good impression to clients and investors. They need to be able to choose a briefcase that will provide the style and functionality that their profession requires.