We went shopping to Ross and bought a pair of shirt and some few stuff for Jake. He needed more clothes for school to wear. There are tons of amazing wardrobe at rose but not of them that i like fit on me. I was looking for shorts or jeans because most of my shorts and jeans won’t fit on me anymore. I gain like over 15 lbs this summer. Then I made a quick stop at Goodwill. This is the biggest Goodwill store in mc knight road. My first time being in that store. Some people would say they don’t shop in Goodwill because it’s mostly used stuff from different people. Well, that is not true because I found lots of brand new stuff in this goodwill donated by the some clothing store i would guess. Anyway, i found a couple of short for $3 in goodwill. I am not so picky as long as it fits and look comfortable on me. I’m thinking of going back to that place again and buy some more stuff like bag, shoes, short and jeans.