Clothing Sales Online and In-Store

Clothing Sales Online and In-Store

If you love a good bargain then here are some stores that are currently having sales.

Ted Baker

ted baker

Ted Baker online currently have up to 50% off selected men’s and women’s clothes and accessories whilst stocks last. The delivery is £4.50 or you are able to collect your ordered items in store for free.

You can find amazing bargains like women’s tops for £30, were £59, men’s tops for £19, were £39 and men’s hats for £17, and were £35.


Reiss currently have up to 70% off online and in-store on men’s and women’s clothing.

You can shop online at Reiss or at your nearest store to grab some of these bargains whilst stocks last. The sale mainly includes items from the current season.

Bargains include men’s shirts for £35, were £79, women’s tops for £35, were £110 and women’s skirts for £28, and were £95.

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins is offering a 10% discount code for your first order, when you sign up for their newsletter. The delivery charge is £3.95 or you can collect in store for free. However to cover the cost of delivery you will need to spend £40 or more with the code, otherwise buying in store is cheaper.

Banana Republic

When you sign up to the Banana Republic newsletter you will be sent a voucher that you can either use online or in store. You will be given 45 days to use the voucher and it can only be used once and not in conjunction with other offers or gift cards.

The voucher is not valid for leather outwears or leather handbags.

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge is offering up to 70% off in store and online on current and previous seasons.

Bargains that you are able to pick up include peplum dresses for £5, were £25, beaded jackets for £20, were £65 and phone cases for £3, and were £14.



Tent and Toys on Camping

Last summer was our first time going on a family camping. We just paid for the camping ground and set up our own tent while other campers had their own RV and camping trailer. We bought a cheap tent that is good for 6 person and bought couple of sleeping bags. Sleeping under the tent is more exciting and fun. Meanwhile, when we were camping there is a campers store in the camp area. Jake spotted tons of toys and couldn’t help to ask his daddy to buy toys for him and justine.

Low Price Muscial Equipment

Do you need small tube amp in playing your guitar? Well, if you do then visit the link provided and buy it in a low price that suit to your budget. This can help improve the sound of your instrument. Meanwhile, musician knows a lot about music from instrument to musical equipment. There are also different ways to play your love of music. Playing and starting a band is what most young group of adult do to enjoy their time. They hang out in a garage or abandoned building for practice and they also buy their own instrument such as drums, guitars and the likes. There is also other bands that plays a different kind of musical instrument as well as type of music. They play instrumental, classical, jazz and more. So, whatever musical instrument your are looking for, find it online.

Holiday Shopping Tips

The season of giving is only a couple of weeks away and if you want to avoid the Christmas rush, you may want to start shopping for holiday gifts soon. Make a list of the people that you like to give gifts to as well as the gift items that are suitable for them. Look for stores that offer quality gift items at the most affordable prices. If you want to give a solid state logic recording console to a loved one who is a music enthusiast, make sure that you buy only from a trusted retailer that offers only authentic and quality products. This sound like a very expensive gift but it’s all worth it if it’s given to the person who have passion with music. Make sure he/she has the right equipment to use in the recording.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

I don’t know what’s gotten into me but looks like I just bought a new pair of sneakers (converse) out of impulse. I was thinking yesterday that I want a converse shoes after I saw it on the catalog. I’ve been wanting to own a pair of converse but it was a bit expensive. So today i finally bought my own pair of converse which I do not know if i’m gonna be able to wear it often. All i know right now is I like it and I’m excited to get on the mail soon.

Converse shoes – Chuck Taylor All Star Gothic grape color from $45.00 as original price to $29.99 I saved a little though but that’s good enough.

Probar Fruition Giveaway

Probar is giving away a 7-8 Probar Fruition and also Wonderful Things In Life will giveaway a pair of pink pearl earrings & a pair of red stud earrings.

This giveaway will start September 11 till October 2, 2012. The mechanics of this giveaway are simple and it will not last for a long time. Join now and enjoy the prizes.

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Disclaimer: Impulsive is not responsible for any damage or loss of item and not reliable to replace the item once it is received by the post office or any shipping company.

Quick Stop at Goodwill

We went shopping to Ross and bought a pair of shirt and some few stuff for Jake. He needed more clothes for school to wear. There are tons of amazing wardrobe at rose but not of them that i like fit on me. I was looking for shorts or jeans because most of my shorts and jeans won’t fit on me anymore. I gain like over 15 lbs this summer. Then I made a quick stop at Goodwill. This is the biggest Goodwill store in mc knight road. My first time being in that store. Some people would say they don’t shop in Goodwill because it’s mostly used stuff from different people. Well, that is not true because I found lots of brand new stuff in this goodwill donated by the some clothing store i would guess. Anyway, i found a couple of short for $3 in goodwill. I am not so picky as long as it fits and look comfortable on me. I’m thinking of going back to that place again and buy some more stuff like bag, shoes, short and jeans.

Minor Home Repair

Knowing how to do minor repairs around the house can help you save a lot of money because you don’t have to hire someone to do the job for you. There are a number of sources available that can provide you the information need on how to make minor repairs such as how to fix the leak on your pipes or how to repair your roof. You have to invest in your own tools and replaceable parts such as screws and other tooling components. That way, whenever something needs to be fixed or when a part needs to be replaced, you will have everything that you need on your toolbox. Even kids knows how to put screw if you teach them. If you think that the damages isn’t that minor then it’s time to call a repair man.

Join Arctic Zero Giveaway

Arctic Zero is giving away 8 pints of ice creams with different flavors, 2 boxes of bars, 1 box of mixed vanilla/chocolate and 1 box of mixed strawberry/orange cream to one lucky winner for US only. I will also giveaway a pair of bracelet & earring and a bracelet alone for worldwide winners.

This giveaway will start September 7 until September 30. To enter the giveaway you just fill up the rafflecopter below. The mechanics of the giveaway is very simple just follow the FB pages, twitter, tweet, and leave a comment. Good luck everyone!

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Soothing Decoration

We never run out of ideas when it comes to decorating our home. Every now and then we like adding new decorative and aesthetic item to adorn our house. We put something that is unique and add it to our collection. Well, some indoor water fountains would perfectly catches your visitors attention. Not only it’s unique but it is soothing as well. It’s like bringing nature inside your home in a unique kind of way. If you are looking for indoor fountain then check out the link provided and find the right styles, sizes, and themes that is suitable to complement the look of your home. They have varieties of quality indoor fountains that you find.