This may sound odd, but have you ever really thought about it?

So many of the devices you use in your day-to-day life have built in cameras. These webcams have the potential to be hacked. This begs the scary question,  who could be watching you?

Camera technology is constantly evolving and users are reaping the benefits. But these advancements come with added risk. Hackers are able to hijack these cameras and spy on their users. These warnings have been ringing for years, but they are only being listened to now. 

New products have been developed to address this new threat to privacy and now you are able to get stickers, covers and slides that will cover your camera whether it is on a smartphone, laptop or even your TV.  There are actually a range of webcam covers with slightly different materials and styles, including ProTech Privacy Webcam Cover, but also dressier versions like SpiShutter (Black) – Magnetic Webcam Shield for Macbook Laptops  and they’re even available in easy to buy packs


While this may sound like paranoia there have been a number of instances of people being spied on, photographed and even recorded. 

While hackers will usually target those who they believe they can profit the most from, e.g people with a public profile that could be blackmailed, there is a threat to everyone who uses this technology. The threat is very real.

The warnings are so real that even the former FBI director, James Comey, recently advised that everyone should cover their webcams for securityWhen questioned at a conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Comey said that he doesn’t want to be spied on and that in any government office the cameras at the top of the computers have lids that can be closed. 

There have been a number of cases where webcams in devices have been abused. 

Have you heard these stories…

  • In 2010, a school in Pennsylvania was found to be secretly taking photos of students through web cams on school issued laptops. In total, the school snapped about 56 000 privacy violating images of students. They said the laptops had a security software installed so the school could track any stolen laptops, but this meant that the laptops were taking pictures every 15 minutes. The institution escaped criminal charges
  • Another case involved a Miss Teen USA contestant. Cassidy Wolf who was crowned in 2013. Prior to this, a student from her high school hacked into her webcam and took photos of her. He then tried to use the pictures to extort money from her. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail. She now uses covers on all of her webcams.
  • Mark Zuckerberg also covers his webcam to stop people spying on him as well as taping his microphone on his MacBook. 


How to Save Big at Topshop


How to Save Big at Topshop

Topshop is a brand that is loved by teens, young women and fashion editors and now their mid-season sale is on full swing. So, indulge a bit in some retail therapy and pick up some bargains.

Here is how you can save big at Topshop.

Shop the Sale

If you are on a budget and looking for a wardrobe update then you need to shop the Topshop sale as they are offering up to 50%. There are some great savings and plenty of bargains to choose from.

Use Your Student Discount

If you have a Student Beans or UNiDays account then you can get an extra 10% off anytime online, in-store and on your phone.

These savings are also boosted on occasion so students can enjoy even bigger discounts.

Seasonal Offers

Throughout the year, Topshop has seasonal offers so it is a good idea to sign up to their newsletter or follow them on social media so you don’t miss a great bargain.

A Multi-buy Deal

If you are looking for some wardrobe basics then you should shop Topshop multi-buy offers that are offered on everything from socks to vests.

Right now you can get two for £10 on vests and jersey tops, three for £8 on socks and three for £10 on lingerie.

Use Voucher Codes

If you cant find anything in the sale or cant wait for the next one and still want to get some money off your fashion shopping then search for the latest money off voucher codes.

Delivery Fee

Don’t forget about the delivery fee, but also look for offers and ways to get free delivery. The FREE100 code can be used for free international delivery for orders over £100.

There are some great ways you can save on fashion from Topshop, so don’t miss a bargain and start shopping.

clothing sale

Clothing Sales you need to Know


If you are looking for designer labels at great prices, then check out these sales that are happening

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is cutting an extra 50% off sale items for its end of season sale. You will also be able to get free shipping with code LOVE16. This deal will end on the 17th February.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Clearance

Dick’s are giving an extra 25% to 40% off a selection of clothing, gear and accessories. Orders that are over $25 will receive free shipping.

Hanes Clearance Sale

Hanes is cutting up to 75% off selections of women’s, men’s and kids clearance items. You are able to shop got t-shirts, dresses, socks and bras. You will also qualify for free shipping when you spend $60 or more.

The North Face Jackets at Kicks USA

Kicks USA are cutting an extra 50% off a range of The North Face women’s, men’s and kids jackets. You are able to get free shipping when you spend $75 or more.

The North Face at Backcountry

Backcountry is cutting up to 60% off a range of The North Face women’s, men’s and kids outerwear and accessories. Free shipping is given for orders of $50 or more.

REI Outlet Sale

REI Outlet is taking up to 87% off a range of clothing and outdoor gear. If you spend $50 or more then you can get free shipping. Brands on sale include ASICS, Adidas, The North Face and Columbia.

Boots at REI Outlet

You can get 50% to 60% off selections of women’s, men’s and kids boots at REI Outlet. You can get free shipping when you spend $50 or more.

Michael Kors

You can get up to 70% off a selection of handbags, clothing, shoes and more at the Michael Kors Winter Sale. All orders will receive free shipping.

These offers can be paid with cash, card payments and credit.


Great Deals on Laptops


Great Deals on Laptops

If you are in the market for a new laptop then here are some great deals that are now running on laptops.

HP Windows Clearance Sale

You are able to get up to $250 off a selection of HP desktops and laptops and all orders get free shipping.

HP Clearance Laptops and Desktops

HP is having a clearance on laptops and desktops where you are able to get up to $400 off. You are able to get a further $15 off when you use the code: 15HPDEALNEWS.

Refurb Toshiba i7 Dual 16” 1080p Touch Laptop 


CowBoom through Best Buy are offering refurbished Toshiba Radius Intel Haswell Core i7 2GHz 15.6” 1080p 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop. You are now able top pick up this refurb for $570.

Refurb HP Stream Intel Celeron Laptop

You are able to get selected discounts with Groupon for refurbished HP Stream Laptops. You are able to get a refurbished HP laptop from as little as $120.

Refurbished Lenovo Items at Arrow Direct

You are able to get 10% off refurbished Lenovo laptops, monitors, desktops and tablets at Arrow Direct when you use the code DEALNEWS.

HP 350 G2 Broadwell i5 Dual 16” Laptop

ANTOnline through EBay is offering the HP 350 G2 Intel Broadwell Core i5 2.2 GHz 15.6” Laptop for $380.

Dell Celeron Dual 16” Touch Laptop w/Win 10

You are able to get your hands on the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Intel Celeron 1.5 GHz 15.6” Touchscreen Laptop for $299.99 with free shipping.

Windows 10 Laptops at HP

You are able to get free next day delivery on certain HP laptops that have Windows 10. You are able to get a HP with Windows 10 for as little as $380.

Toshiba Broadwell i5 16” Laptop w/Windows 10

You are able to preorder the Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 Intel Broadwell Core i5 2.2 GHz 15.6” Laptop in black from Amazon for $449.99 and you will also get free shipping.

As you can see there are plenty of ways for you to get a great laptop for a low price.


fashion accessory sale

Fashion Accessory Sale


Fashion Accessory Sale

You are able to get plenty of deals online including ones for accessories. Here are some of the latest accessory sales.

Gucci – Rue La La

rue la la

If you are a member of Rue La La then you will get 56% off selected Gucci shoes, handbags, watches, shoes and accessories. The prices start at $129.99.

Seiko Watches – Jomashop

You are able to get up to 81% off a selection of Seiko Men’s and women’s watches. Also if you spend more than $250 you will get an extra $20 off. The deal ends on the 2nd June.

Groupon Luggage and Road Trip Gear

If you are going away you can get up to 86% off selected luggage and road trip gear with Groupon. You will get free shipping if you spend more than $24.99.

Fossil – Jomashop

On a selection of fossil Men’s and Women’s watches you can get up to 61% off with Jomashop. The prices start at $42.99. You are also able to get an extra $20 off when you spend more than $250 and an extra $50 when you spend $1000 or more.

Burberry and Ferragamo – Jomashop

You are able to get up to 58% off a selection of Burberry and Ferragamo handbags and wallets with Jomashop. The prices start at $189.99.

Handbags and Accessories – 6pm

Take off up to 77% on handbags, wallets and accessories and deals start from $9.99 and you will get free shipping.

Oakley – 6pm

You are able to get up to 77% off a selection of Oakley Men’s and women’s shoes, apparel, sunglasses and accessories. The prices start at $9.99 and you will get free shipping.

Tory Burch – Nordstrom

Nordstrom takes up to 60& off a selection of Tory Burch women’s shoes, apparel, handbags and accessories. The prices start at $33.49 and you get free shipping.

Michael Kors

You are able to get up to 70% off Michael Kors on sale items. All orders will receive free shipping. You can choose from shoes, apparel, handbags and accessories.




miss selfridge

Clothing Sales Online and In-Store


Clothing Sales Online and In-Store

If you love a good bargain then here are some stores that are currently having sales.

Ted Baker

ted baker

Ted Baker online currently have up to 50% off selected men’s and women’s clothes and accessories whilst stocks last. The delivery is £4.50 or you are able to collect your ordered items in store for free.

You can find amazing bargains like women’s tops for £30, were £59, men’s tops for £19, were £39 and men’s hats for £17, and were £35.


Reiss currently have up to 70% off online and in-store on men’s and women’s clothing.

You can shop online at Reiss or at your nearest store to grab some of these bargains whilst stocks last. The sale mainly includes items from the current season.

Bargains include men’s shirts for £35, were £79, women’s tops for £35, were £110 and women’s skirts for £28, and were £95.

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins is offering a 10% discount code for your first order, when you sign up for their newsletter. The delivery charge is £3.95 or you can collect in store for free. However to cover the cost of delivery you will need to spend £40 or more with the code, otherwise buying in store is cheaper.

Banana Republic

When you sign up to the Banana Republic newsletter you will be sent a voucher that you can either use online or in store. You will be given 45 days to use the voucher and it can only be used once and not in conjunction with other offers or gift cards.

The voucher is not valid for leather outwears or leather handbags.

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge is offering up to 70% off in store and online on current and previous seasons.

Bargains that you are able to pick up include peplum dresses for £5, were £25, beaded jackets for £20, were £65 and phone cases for £3, and were £14.



Tent and Toys on Camping


Last summer was our first time going on a family camping. We just paid for the camping ground and set up our own tent while other campers had their own RV and camping trailer. We bought a cheap tent that is good for 6 person and bought couple of sleeping bags. Sleeping under the tent is more exciting and fun. Meanwhile, when we were camping there is a campers store in the camp area. Jake spotted tons of toys and couldn’t help to ask his daddy to buy toys for him and justine.

Low Price Muscial Equipment


Do you need small tube amp in playing your guitar? Well, if you do then visit the link provided and buy it in a low price that suit to your budget. This can help improve the sound of your instrument. Meanwhile, musician knows a lot about music from instrument to musical equipment. There are also different ways to play your love of music. Playing and starting a band is what most young group of adult do to enjoy their time. They hang out in a garage or abandoned building for practice and they also buy their own instrument such as drums, guitars and the likes. There is also other bands that plays a different kind of musical instrument as well as type of music. They play instrumental, classical, jazz and more. So, whatever musical instrument your are looking for, find it online.

Holiday Shopping Tips


The season of giving is only a couple of weeks away and if you want to avoid the Christmas rush, you may want to start shopping for holiday gifts soon. Make a list of the people that you like to give gifts to as well as the gift items that are suitable for them. Look for stores that offer quality gift items at the most affordable prices. If you want to give a solid state logic recording console to a loved one who is a music enthusiast, make sure that you buy only from a trusted retailer that offers only authentic and quality products. This sound like a very expensive gift but it’s all worth it if it’s given to the person who have passion with music. Make sure he/she has the right equipment to use in the recording.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star


I don’t know what’s gotten into me but looks like I just bought a new pair of sneakers (converse) out of impulse. I was thinking yesterday that I want a converse shoes after I saw it on the catalog. I’ve been wanting to own a pair of converse but it was a bit expensive. So today i finally bought my own pair of converse which I do not know if i’m gonna be able to wear it often. All i know right now is I like it and I’m excited to get on the mail soon.

Converse shoes – Chuck Taylor All Star Gothic grape color from $45.00 as original price to $29.99 I saved a little though but that’s good enough.

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